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Tips to organise your retail business

Tips to organise your retail business

Every business wants to be more organised. To have processes streamlined, and everyday business operations made more efficient.


Because the more well-organised a business is, the more effective and efficient processes can become, increasing productivity and positively affecting people’s behaviour and morale.

The organisation, however, takes a lot of fine-tuning, and it is recommended that we make small changes regularly that will lead to big improvements.

In this post, we highlight our top tips on how to organise your retail business and how the range of EPOS solutions now available for retail can help.

Top tips for organising your retail business

Make sure things are put away correctly.

We all know that we should do this, but that doesn’t always mean that we do it. Putting items back in the correct place and having the correct signage and labels can make retail life so much easier.

It’s also productive to have a complete list of your inventory and the locations of each item; this way, if any labels do fall off, you have a backup location identifier to hand.

Putting everything in its correct place in a systematic order can help save a considerable amount of time, avoid items becoming lost, and help to keep productivity levels high.

Make small changes, lead to big improvements (Kaizen approach)

It is recommended that businesses make small-scale changes to improve operational efficiency, creating bigger and more positive changes in the future. For example, could you reduce the time that employees spend in their morning debrief meetings? Or maybe you could reorganise the retail space, so employees spend less time walking around to access everyday items.

Update your work environment

Working in a clean and tidy environment helps to boost employee morale and increase productivity. To help, look to increase the volume of natural light into spaces, introducing plants and greenery to areas. Possibly look into standing desks, a water cooler, cable organisers, barcode scanners, and more.

The focus is on improving the workplace ambience, supporting employees’ mental and physical wellbeing, and increasing business output.

Go paperless

As we see more digital ways of working, is it possible to move all your data and communications online? Online storage with cloud software is extremely secure and cost-effective. It is also 100% encrypted, and you can access the information you need, when you need it, from wherever you are. With secure backup, business owners now have the opportunity to manage their operations remotely.

Introduce a reliable booking system

To help you with scheduling and managing appointment times, even footfall through the door, introducing a booking system can be a great help. What’s more, allowing customers to make their own bookings frees up your and your team’s time, and by taking deposits, you can ensure that no sale is lost or time is wasted.

Introduce retail POS systems

With order and pay systems such as POS software, you’re not only providing the customer with a much more efficient buying experience, but you’re also putting your customers in the driving seat. Allowing them to scan barcodes or enter URLs online, choosing their own delivery times, or click and collect options provides a great deal of convenience.

EPOS POS systems also mean all payments are automatically processed, and order details are uploaded instantly. Providing a user-friendly service like order and pay can instantly boost revenue and sales as customers seek more convenient ways to shop.

Choose the best EPOS system for you

If you’re looking at order and pay services, online booking systems, inventory control, and more to help organise your retail business further, then you need an EPOS POS system you can rely on.

The good news is you can now have an all-in-one solution to make your business operations more effective and efficient using point of sale technology.

However, it’s important to look for POS software that you can customise to meet your requirements, helping streamline processes and reorganise operations.

To find out about the benefits of cloud POS security, make sure to read our latest post HERE.

Retail EPOS solutions

POS software can often be a lifesaver for retail businesses looking to improve efficiencies and increase sales. However, the type of retail business you operate, and your requirements, will depend on the type of system most suitable for you.

Some areas to consider when thinking about EPOS retail include:

Can it help manage and record inventory? How easy is it to check stock levels and product availability?

Can it provide instant reporting? For example, can you check sales vs. orders in real-time? Can you view information such as sales statistics, yearly sales, and even hourly transactions?

Does it offer easy checkout and payment options? Does the software provide a smooth user experience?

Can it operate across multiple retail sites? With the right software, you can now connect multiple sites across different locations, viewing all information from a single device.

Does it connect to the Cloud? Storing all information securely and in one place? Cloud-based POS systems allow you to access information whenever you need it from wherever you are.

EPOS billing and retail POS systems are key components of any organised retail business. That’s why at Haven Systems, we want to help you streamline your retail operations and increase your revenue and sales by offering you some of the best EPOS systems around.

Helping you centralise processes, track costs against sales, manage inventory, offer instant promotions, and offers, track customer buying behaviour, manage multiple retail sites with ease, and much more.

Want to know more? Call our team today on 01646 601 992 or email sales@haven-systems.co.uk.