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Frequently Asked Questions

Specialist in EPOS and payment processing for more than 30 years!

What is an EPOS system?

EPOS is an acronym for Electronic Point of Sale. It is a modern till system using the latest touchscreen hardware and software architecture to process sales, manage inventory and report on sales activity.

How does an EPOS system work?

EPOS systems use databases, they store individual products typically called PLUs (Price Lookup) or SKUs (stock keeping unit) along with all the associated information such as sell price, buy price, type of unit (e.g. millilitre, Litre etc). All transactions at the till point are captured and stored within the system for audit and sales analysis.

What are the key features of an EPOS system?

Typically, an EPOS System includes a touch screen till, thermal receipt printer, customer display, cash drawer and an integrated Chip & PIN device.  Operators can select products or sales from the sales screen menu options or via a search function or barcode scan.

What are the benefits of using an EPOS system?

Using an EPOS system offers several benefits, including improved efficiency in processing sales, accurate inventory management, real-time reporting and analytics, streamlined business operations, enhanced customer service, simplified staff management, and the ability to make data-driven business decisions

Can an EPOS system be used in different types of businesses?

Yes. EPOS systems can be configured for diverse types of business operations, for example, EPOS for the Education sector, EPOS for Hospitality, EPOS for Visitor Attractions and for the Tourism market. Typical variations include, barcode scanning for retail operations, cloud tickets for visitor attractions and tourism and table service functionality for Hospitality.

Can an EPOS system handle multiple payment methods?

Yes, your EPOS System will handle multiple payment methods. Typically this is credit and debit card payments processed in a contactless manor or by using Chip & PIN. Other Payment Options include ‘cashless’, using for example HavenPay and of course CASH if accepted. It is important that split payments are accepted so that a customer can tender two different forms of payment if required.

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