EPOS and Payment Processing Specialist | Haven Systems Haven Systems in an established software development house specialising in Electronic Point of Sale, Payment Processing and Management Information Systems.

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We work with a number of strategic partners to make sure that we can deliver the best EPOS and payment system to help you grow your business.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of hardware do you offer?
It depends on your requirements but our preferred hardware partner is Aures Technologies. However, we have a range of options and there may be an option to use your own hardware platform.
Is the Haven System Cloud Based?
Our EPOS and Vine platform is a hybrid solution to ensure that we deliver a robust solution with maximum uptime and essential functionality. We use the Microsoft Azure platform to host data where applicable.
Can I use any Payment Provider?
We have EPOS integrations with multiple strategic partners including Payment Gateway services. If you have an existing or preferred UK Merchant Acquirer that you would like to use we will be able to handle the payment process. 
Is the solution compatible with IOS and Android operating systems?
As a Microsoft Partner, our Point of Sale software and Management Information Systems require a Windows 10 or Windows Server Operating System. However, our Vine platform is compatible with all the known and widely used browsers.