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Vine Plus Loyalty

Build your brand and increase sales by offering your customers digital points and rewards. Improve customer experience and increase spend per head with a simple to set up and use loyalty scheme.

Vine Plus Digital Loyalty Card Points and Reward

Digital Points & Rewards.

Design and launch your own loyalty programs, such as, Buy 5 coffees and have a free one on us!

Offer your customers the opportunity to build digital loyalty points or rewards through paperless stamp cards.

Set Up a New Rewards Program in Less than 2 Minutes 

Earn and Redeem Digital Points & Rewards

Order, Pay and Earn in a Single Transaction

Measure Sales Promotions and Discounts with Inbuilt Analytics

EPOS Integration to Earn and Redeem at the Till

Bilingual English and Welsh

Operates across single or multiple outlets

Benefits of Digital Rewards.

Not only can a well thought out and targeted online loyalty program increase sales, it will support your brand and allow you to build a positive customer community. Customers who feel that they are being rewarded return time and time again, and are also likely to give positives reviews, both online or by word of mouth.

 With paperless digital rewards, the ability to spot spending patterns or market trends across all your business locations or outlets, is a significant advantage over a more traditional physical stamp card.


Increase Sales

Build a Customer community

Improve Customer Retention

Identify Patterns and Trends

EPOS, Self Ordering & Loyalty all in one! 

Vine Plus Loyalty includes seamless integration with EPOS and a friendly web app whereby users may browse, select products, add to basket, check out and Pay at Table with options for Click & Collect as well as Delivery.

As well as online payment by EMV credit and debit cards, Vine is fully integrated with our cashless epos system. Users can save their account details and then with quick verification can complete a transaction in seconds and at the same time they earn rewards.

 Vine is bilingual with Welsh and English included as standard. The web app is optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile use.

EPOS, Self-Ordering & Loyalty Points Program Integrated Web app
What is a loyalty points program?

Points are awarded for each qualifying purchase. You decide what is a qualifying purchase, it may be individual products, specific categories or if you wish, on anything. As an example, 1 point may be awarded for every £1 spent. Your customer can build up a points balance and redeem it against future purchases. 

What is a loyalty rewards program?

A digital reward stamp is awarded for each qualifying purchase. You decide what is a qualifying purchase and how many stamps are required to be redeemed against specified products. For example, you may create a ‘buy 5 coffees and have one on us!’. In this case, digital stamps are displayed in the Vine web app and may be used for a free coffee. 

How does digital loyalty work?

It’s simple, you create a loyalty program in the EPOS back-office system. You decide on the type of scheme and the associated rewards or points to be awarded or redeemed

Can I create and launch my own digital loyalty programs?

Yes, you have complete control from within the back-office system to manage your loyalty program so that your customer can accrue and redeem points or rewards at the till and online. 

How quickly can I launch a new points or rewards program?

It takes less than 2 minutes to create and launch a basic loyalty program from within the Back-office Sales Promotion and Discounts menu. 

Do my customers have to register?

Customers who access your Vine web app will be able to register using their mobile device, tablet, or desktop. Once registered they will have the option to view ‘My Loyalty Card’ and check their points and rewards balance. Each user will have a unique QR code that may be scanned at the till point to accrue and redeem.

Can my customers choose to have a physical loyalty card instead of using their mobile device?

Potentially, yes. If you have customers who prefer to use a physical loyalty card, please talk to us about how this can be implemented. 

Should I have a specific terms & conditions policy for digital loyalty?

Yes, it makes sense to publish a brief, but clear policy. As an example, each point has a nominal value, but it’s important to state that this may not be converted to a cash value or refund


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