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Benefits of Hybrid POS Security

Benefits of Cloud POS Security

A hybrid cloud-based EPOS system should be the minimal standard for any retail operation. Haven Systems Ltd helps to produce and deploy a hybrid cloud-based and on-premises POS for retail and hospitality, for locations of any size.

Updates and Maintenance

By utilizing a hybrid cloud POS, it enables updates to happen remotely and seamlessly. This can happen when the outlet and till are closed, as to not interrupt the day-to-day operations. This helps to make sure you’re using the latest EPOS software version available. Whether it’s to increase functionality or efficiency, it happens easily when you have a cloud-based EPOS system.

There’s no need to wait for a manual or on-site update to your system that may cause disruption during your trading session.

Packed with Security

Another point to consider with the system being a hybrid cloud-based solution is the security being much more enhanced. Using a securely hosted cloud server provides additional parameters to help protect your EPOS system and your valuable data.

If your EPOS machines experience some form of damage or malfunction, the data is stored elsewhere and backed up.

If there is someone trying to intrusively get the information, data theft protection occurs on the cloud-based level, and it would require them to get into the back-office services’ system.

Ease of Operations

With a hybrid cloud-based EPOS system, your EPOS machines are all visible across the network. Whether you only have one store with multiple tills or multiple stores, everything will connect through the EPOS system.

It’s a top-down data structure, where the information is pulled from the cloud-based system and distributed to the EPOS as and where required. This helps decentralize your standard operating procedure and makes it easier for your staff to manage the day-to-day business from the POS.

With a personal login for each staff member and user, they are able to access their functionality and user rights from any of the EPOS machines that are connected due to them being cloud-based.

Also, if a staff member, owner, or manager needs to make an update, with a cloud-based EPOS, you can do it from one machine, and it will update automatically as needed. No need to have to put in updates to each system manually one by one. This removes the potential for user error.

Unlimited scalability

With a hybrid cloud-based EPOS system, scalability is typically at a lower cost than with traditional on-premises installations. Since the cloud-based POS system can be easily cloned through virtual machines, making it the optimal POS for retail.

It’s also easier to upgrade a system because it’s simply adding more clones or instances of the EPOS software, which is almost like cutting and pasting, making it easy to expand from one location to five locations without expensive overheads.

Since the software is already hosted online, the setup for each new additional EPOS machine is minimal compared to having to start from the beginning with a non-cloud-based EPOS system.

This also makes EPOS security a lot better, simply due to the fact that it eliminates the potential for each new iteration to be done incorrectly, and initialized incorrectly.

Cloud-Based is the way forward.

Ultimately, your EPOS system needs to at least have the option for the databases to be cloud-based to function properly in this day and age. Not only from an internal operational perspective but also from a budgetary perspective.

You also want to ensure that you spend less time on the tech side and more time operating your business. With a cloud-based POS system, all that is needed to know is how to use the system, and when to expand it. In addition, it makes it easier to connect with 3rd party systems as needed and helps add a layer of security to them, especially with payments.

Chip and Pin transactions are secure with PCI compliance, but additional layers of security are wise. With your data and information online, you can go back to focusing on what’s more important and improving your customer’s experience

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