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Are you thinking about integrating your card payment systems?

Card payment systems integration

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As more and more businesses look to streamline operating practices, integrating both face 2 face and online payments is high on the list.


Because integrating your payment systems offers flexibility, scalability, and a secure payment environment.

Integrating your payment systems can also positively affect your profitability and increase the smooth running of your business.

Ultimately, payment integration focuses on connecting your EPOS system to your card merchant services provider delivering a seamless connection where users no longer have to key in transactions manually.

Benefits of integration

We understand that you want to get on with the day-to-day running of your business, and we know that your focus is on profit margins, sales, security, and more.  That’s why integrated card payments can help you to face the challenges of business head-on.

Improving and upgrading your online payment gateway helps to:

Improve your overall customer experience – customers want a high-quality service all at the fastest speed possible.  Creating a seamless payment process that lets your customers pay how they want, when they want, quickly and efficiently is key.

Increase speed of payment – no longer are transactions added manually, allowing you to cut down on queuing times and the time waiting for the payment to process.  Customers don’t want to wait, especially not when paying a bill!  In addition, as we become a more cashless society, it is important to offer a range of payment options.  Automatically integrating EPOS and your card payment device means there will be no additional keying in or manual input.

Eliminate human error – inputting transactions incorrectly can be a big cost to business, both financially and reputationally.  In fact, it is reported that businesses lose approximately 2% of their annual turnover through theft.  Fortunately, integrated payment systems play their part in reducing this number, especially when you choose to integrate your systems with an intelligent POS solution.  Haven Systems back-office system allows you to set staff permissions and effectively track audit trails, allowing you more control over transactions and reduce the use of improper discounting.  Whether these errors are an accident or specifically targeted, you can be left vulnerable. Integrating your card payments can now offer you an additional layer of protection.

Save admin time – reconciliation is a tedious task and not something that a lot of people love to do!  When you take payments online, you no longer have to match your EPOS and terminal reports.   Saving you time, and in the long run, money.

Reduce reporting inaccuracies – consolidating your end-of-day reports with the EPOS can be an area that invites human error.   However, with improved online and face 2 face payment systems now, your time can be better spent in other, high-functioning areas of the business.  With payments integrated into the right EPOS solution, you can have complete visibility of all reports across all of your card machines and till locations. 

EPOS sales data extracts – helping you cut down on the volume of paperwork and keeping everything all in one place is a major benefit in exporting data directly from EPOS.

In such a competitive market, Haven systems believe that there has never been a better time to review your online and face 2 face payment solutions.  Speeding up your payment processes, cutting down on queuing times, and improving the overall customer experience.

If you would like to talk through the best options for you and find out more about the benefits you can receive, call 01646 601 992.

Why Haven Systems? 

We work with various businesses across a range of sectors such as education, hospitality, transport, and tourism. Integrating the latest payment technology with your EPOS and providing you with the most innovative solutions that help you to serve your customers and clients better. 

We also have solutions for all setups, i.e., connecting your EPOS terminal to multiple terminals or even just one card machine; the choice is yours. 

Friendly, professional, competent, and always available to answer your questions. 

If you’re thinking about your payment processing systems and how they could be improved and you would like to find out more, call us on 01646 601 992; we’d be happy to help!