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Making mobile payments and ordering the `norm`

Making mobile payments and ordering the `norm`

Ordering and paying for any goods and services online is far from new for the vast majority of people in the UK.  However, it is a service that, during the height of the pandemic, has not only grown in popularity for many individuals and businesses, it has also become essential. 

Businesses that adopted new technology such as self-ordering, click and collect and delivery processing has been able to keep trading through these very different trading conditions. 

Maintaining a connection with their valuable target audience and offering a continued customer experience through the crisis has been key to many businesses’ future plans. 

Ordering and payments carried out online are now at an all-time high. Haven Systems Ltd has seen a considerable increase in the take up of our online payment systems and online booking systems, as more and more businesses reap the benefits and the rewards these solutions can offer. 

Today, most businesses understand that they must move with technology or face being left behind, which is 100% true and appropriate for self-ordering and mobile payments.  With consumers now actively looking to go cashless and pay businesses through their order and pay technology, as they not only feel safer, but it provides them with an increased feeling of security, now is the time to review and ensure that you have the right technology for your business. 

Online payments also providing ease of use for the customer as everything from ordering to organising delivery or collection and payment is all done as part of one seamless process. 

Integrating your payment processing is easy to set up and provides you with full visibility of transactions, increasing your speed of service, eliminating human error, and saving you time in the long run.   

Will self-order and pay change in the future? 

Potentially, no, the customer experience will only improve.  The systems are hugely popular, uptake is growing significantly with more than 40% of consumers having reported completing an online transaction to order food and beverage in the last 12 months.  Convenience is a key factor.  

This way of living and purchasing goods and services is quickly increasingly becoming an expectation from businesses, rather than see it as a nice to have.   

Would your customers rather queue at the bar for their drinks, potentially missing their turn or being overlooked, when they can order on their own mobile device, pay, and have drinks brought to their table or to collect when they’re ready? 

Of course, there is the argument that this change in customer behaviour could take away from the customer experience as it limits interaction, it can change the atmosphere, etc.   

However, customers have now created new experiences. They’ve found new ways to interact, and they spend more time doing the things they love, i.e., chatting with friends, rather than standing waiting to get served!

For businesses keen to introduce self-ordering and other online transactions such as admissions or cloud ticketing, we have a complete solution for you.  At Haven Systems, we provide a range of integrated solutions that allow you to enhance your offering to customers while making your life easier. 

Plus, with integration, you can have peace of mind that everything is all in one place.  This allows you to see orders placed, manage (in real-time) menus and pricing across multiple platforms as well as from multiple channels.

The future of mobile payments 

Today most people use their mobile phone devices to order and pay online. It’s convenient, and our mobile devices are always with us and close to hand. 

It is only going to get bigger! 

In the sector of hospitality especially, businesses will be looking at mobile payments as a way to help them drive their profitability.  The opportunity for building loyalty and driving repeat customer visits is enormous. 

Injecting personality and creating a different yet positive customer experience through your online payment systems will be key.  

Every business will, of course, use the technology available in different ways; however, integrating the correct payment solutions and keeping your requirements and your customer’s expectations at the forefront is a positive step forward in terms of keeping your valuable customers engaged. 

To find out more about self-ordering, order and pay at the table, click & collect and how you can take payments online, call us on 01646 601 992 today.

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