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The Benefits of Apprenticeships and Traineeships to your Business.

Business Benefits of Apprenticeships & Traineeships

A question that many small or medium-sized companies will ask themselves at some point is, should we take on an apprentice or apprentices?

From Haven Systems’ point of view, in a very challenging 2021 trading environment, mid pandemic, the answer wasn’t quite so straightforward for several reasons. With an established, existing highly skilled in-house technical team there were many questions about where or how we could fit in and accommodate a suitable scheme that would be mutually beneficial for both the individual apprentice and the business. Taking on an apprentice would demand time and resource from an already busy and expanding team.

But the potential upside couldn’t be ignored and the decision to take on two apprentices and one trainee was made. A combination of working with specialist training providers and a commitment from the company’s senior management has led to the appointment of three ideal candidates.

Amy Ray, Digital Marketing Apprentice

Meet Amy Ray, Digital Marketing Apprentice

Amy started her new position at Haven Systems in June 2021 and very quickly had significant input into content for a newly launched website. Having previous exposure in digital marketing and with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communication/Media Studies slotting into the role was a breeze for Amy. Quickly gaining new skills and successfully completing courses and gaining accreditation in Googles Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, Advanced Google Analytics Certification and a Social Media Certification is proving to be hugely beneficial. The Digital Marketing Apprenticeship scheme is run with NTG Training as the provider.

Meet Mark Jones, IT Technical ApprenticeMark Jones, IT Technical Apprentice

Mark joined us in October 2021 with some valuable work experience gained in previous roles and a BTEC Level 3 Diploma in IT – triple Distinction grade. Working with QA, a world-leading tech and digital skills organisation as the training provider, Mark was up and running straight away. An introduction to core IT principles and core networking principles combined with in-house ‘on the job’ experience is providing Mark with a high level of confidence before moving onto networking architecture, security, Azure, and more advanced networking principles. Alongside this Mark is gaining great knowledge in hardware such as touch screen tills and payment devices as well as EPOS Software.

James Brooks, EPOS and Technical Engineer

Meet James Brooks, EPOS and Technical Engineer

James joined the team in July 2021 and was able to take part in a sizeable site install in his first week. James had previously worked in a retail setting and so had fantastic customer service skills. This, partnered with his Level 3 Distinction in IT meant James was able to fit into the team almost immediately and was able to fly through the tasks presented to him. James is currently studying a Computer Science HND at Pembrokeshire College alongside his role here at Haven Systems.

So, What are the benefits of taking on apprentices and trainees?

For your business, the right apprentice and trainee can be a fantastic addition to any team, especially with courses being offered in a majority of sectors, with a variety of roles and at a wide range of skill levels.

  • Apprentices can provide a fresh outlook on your business.
  • There will be increased productivity.
  • Lower recruitment costs.
  • Improved customer service.
  • Greater job satisfaction
  • You can tailor their skillset to your business needs.
  • Enhance the skills and knowledge of your team

Apprenticeships aren’t just for new team members, you can also use them to train existing employees to improve knowledge, help gain qualifications and upskill your workforce. It is a great way to tailor the expertise to fit your business’ demands, whilst also boosting staff morale by showing that you’re looking to the future and showing that you are all about development, training, and career progression.

For your apprentice or trainee, learning in a workplace setting is invaluable. Allowing them to study and gain much-needed qualifications whilst gaining on-the-job experience will enhance their learning, allowing them to apply their knowledge into real-life scenarios, keeping them engaged and eager to continue their learning.

Currently, the UK Government is offering an increased incentive scheme for the hiring of apprentices. This is reducing your recruitment costs even further and so investing in the future of your business has become even easier.

Is taking on an apprentice worth it?

All in all, taking on someone new may be daunting, particularly when they are still learning the ropes. But providing a career and shaping the skills of a new employee is worth it. Taking on apprentices and trainees shows that you have an expertise that needs to be shared and that there are people who are keen to learn from you. It also demonstrates that your business is growing and expanding and that your business is looking to the future which always looks great to potential customers and clients.