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Things you might not know about EPOS systems

Things you might not know about EPOS systems

Epos systems are the brains of the operations. They’re there to handle the everyday flows of running a hospitality operation. They are packed with a plethora of functionality to reduce the operational burden and to improve efficiency, eventually improving profitability.  

As your epos systems partner, Haven Systems LTD is there to support and help you expand your knowledge of epos software, mobile pos functionality and guide you based on your business requirements.  

They lead to a smooth operation 

From mobile payment systems to mobile pos and e-ticketing solutions, epos software is packed with rich features. They go beyond the transaction and also help run everything, each component as part of a single, fully integrated solution.  

Inventory management 

Many epos systems have built-in inventory management software to handle your stock control and improve your overall efficiency. With a central, cloud-hosted back-office database, you won’t have to worry about updating every single terminal or site, but you’ll be able to centralize from one location, or update the entire estate via a scheduled synch, or as and when you choose to.  


You don’t need to run back and forth, or even have a cash register anymore. Mobile pos e-ticketing systems handle everything from accepting chip and pin, or contactless payments to printing out the receipt or even emailing the receipt, all from within the e-ticketing system. 

Reporting for all 

You can get customized dashboards to get a high-level overview of how your business is doing. You can also check to see what items are the most popular, or if you need a restocking sooner. It is essential that your cloud-hosted epos system also has the capability to schedule automated reports for delivery to the specified user’s inboxes.  

Your accountant will thank you when all transactions are properly recorded in your epos software, and you can simply produce a report that has everything required for the annual VAT and corporation tax reporting. 

Remote Management 

You can handle everything remotely and log in on the move to handle your operations. You can control user access and staff management, by assigning different user access levels, such as a designated manager or supervisor role. You can have employees log in and start their shift with the click of a button to start tracking their time, keeping you and them honest about hours worked.  

As many small business owners are aware, up until recently, it’s been difficult to get away from the site, but with epos systems fully powered by the safety and security of cloud hosting, there’s no difficulty checking into your operational arm from anywhere in the world.  


Gone are the days when an ePOS system costs a significant portion of your operations and technology budget. There were those days when a terminal would break, and panic would overwhelm the business, as it may have taken days for the system to come in and be fully operational again.  

With epos systems today, and finding the right partner to help develop the right system for you, there’s never a need to worry any longer. Setup costs are minimal and full technical support is always on hand remotely and when needed to be, on-site. 

If a terminal has a fault, it’s important to know that, other than in extreme situations, all of your data is safe and secure and available to be recovered from a backup, so you are up and running again with full data integrity. 

Support, maintenance and software updates to the systems can be done remotely. Choosing the right trusted partner with an experienced and knowledgeable helpdesk team is key to systems security and maximum uptime. 

In the end – they help with improving sales and profit margins 

With fast checkouts via a mobile point of sale systems and trend analysis through enhanced reporting features, you’ll be able to keep your customers moving along nicely and spot spending patterns and trends across your outlets.  

Epos software takes all the information you input into it and cleans it up for you to know exactly where the pain points are and where the real money makers are. These trends are crucial to keeping your hospitality operation moving, whether you’re in the tourism or the restaurant business. It’ll help you allocate your resources to what needs your attention and what is already working well.  

Not all businesses are the same and with a proper epos system provider, there’s a lot that epos systems can do. There’s no need for a one size fits all solution that needs to be repurposed for your business.  

Epos systems can be fully customized to your business and industry needs, as they are not just meant to be a necessary checkout system, but a complete system to help ease many burdens off your plate. All of this, from the mobile pos functionality to reporting, to scalability, will help to improve the bottom line of your business.

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