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Taking the marketing initiative to reward your valuable guests and increase repeat visits.

Taking the marketing initiative to reward your valuable guests and increase repeat visits

Your Point of Sale (POS) data, if used to its full potential, can help you to increase your repeat sales significantly.


With the right integrated, smart, and innovative POS system, you can capture essential customer data, their buying preferences and habits. You can also identify trends and patterns in real-time and see the most popular products at, for example, specific times of the day.

Highly valuable sales trend information will provide you with a competitive edge when it comes to targeted sales promotions.

Finding the right partner with the highest level of support and the best system for you and your business is key to both driving sales and managing stock. At Haven Systems Ltd, we offer a range of POS systems for a wide range of operations in Education. Hospitality, Transport and Tourism market sectors.

How to use POS data to improve your business operations?

Having a mass of data and information about your customer’s spending patterns is useful. But it’s what we do with the data and how we use the information proactively that helps to drive sales and improve customer experience.

Analytics from POS systems is business intelligence at its best, providing you with key information to help you to make informed decisions to increase sales, optimise stock levels and therefore increase profit margins.

POS data can help you develop the right promotions and pricing strategies as you are to view in real-time the bestsellers when specific products are purchased, creating a by the minute sales trend. Using our analytics tools helps you to see the patterns so that you can create sales and promotional activity to suit your individual or group sales operations. Tailored marketing campaigns will help you to boost sales and, at the same time, offer your customers tangible rewards, such as a free coffee.

The information gained can also enhance your point of sale marketing ideas and focus and tailor your product offering more effectively. Now you can be more proactive in your marketing and promotions, delivering a customer-focused experience.

Use data to upsell and cross-sell

By understanding your customers, you can better match products to their interests or match products that complement each other. You are also improving the customer experience by offering related products in real-time, vital for brand building and customer loyalty.

Ultimately, the information you can access showing you trends on products and stock allows you to better meet your customers’ needs with supporting products.

Remove products that aren’t selling

What you think will be popular might not be the case when you review your sales data!

Rather than keeping products that are performing poorly on the shelf for a moment longer, you can now remove them with confidence, backed up with hard-sales evidence.

Having this information also allows you to make more informed purchasing decisions in the future and forecast buying.

Manage stock control more effectively

You no longer need to rely on a time-consuming manual stock-taking process; you can now manage your stock in real-time with the right EPOS system.

Being able to instantly view your stock levels, manage returns, purchases, orders, and more, and you can track inventory and have so much more control, allowing you to plan, forecast, orders accurately and with ease.

EPOS systems can also be integrated across multiple sites, allowing you to manage yours throughout an estate. With the ability to check on stock, you can continue to increase your sales performance as you can still meet the customer’s needs by finding the stock at an alternative outlet and scheduling an immediate stock transfer.

Make sure to read our post on EPOS ticketing systems, focusing on fast sales and shorter queues!

Personalise promotions

Due to the customer intelligence that is captured, as a business, you can develop POS strategies that allow you to identify which products to advertise, where, and when—optimising future promotions and sales through business intelligence gained through your back office software system.

Today, customers expect a personalised shopping experience, whether on or offline.

POS can help provide this.

Boost brand loyalty

With personalised customer information, you can increase your brand loyalty and keep your customers coming back to you time and time again by setting up and managing loyalty and reward programmes accurately and effectively.

Provide a seamless payment experience

Businesses today must create a seamless payment experience for the customer. A process that is sleek, efficient, and takes them through the process quickly (where you also receive the sale faster too).

Improving the sales opportunity!

Invest in the right EPOS system and the one that best suits your business.

Helping to improve business efficiency, solve operational problems, reduce inefficiencies, identify opportunities, and standardise procedures, your EPOS systems are more than just another piece of software or another till.

Now you can check your business’s performance whenever and wherever. Gaining valuable customer feedback and a better understanding of your customers’ requirements.

Simplifying your daily operations allows you to focus more on your marketing efforts, boosting your bottom line, and improving business operations.

Technology has grown, and hospitality businesses of all sizes are evolving at a pace.

Happy customers ultimately equal increased sales and a robust POS marketing strategy to match a sound EPOS system help you to achieve this.

Analytics or insights are a highly valuable asset for your business.

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