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Choose an EPOS ticketing system tailored for your visitor attraction

Choose an EPOS ticketing system tailored for your visitor attraction

Whether you run a farm attraction that provides a family day out, a theme park or perhaps a museum or country house, why not improve your guest experience by investing in the right EPOS ticketing system to suit your specific requirements.

With the benefit of faster tills and payment processing and instant barcode verification of online purchased tickets, the lines of queuing customers can be kept to an absolute minimum.

Providing a seamless customer experience with the right software solution today pays long-term dividends in terms of happy and returning guests.

Tourist attraction EPOS

Today, the speed of service at any visitor attraction is essential. At Haven Systems, we understand that you want to keep your visitors happy, and we know that every business strives to streamline operations and improve efficiencies where possible.

That’s why, with the right ticketing systems, you can manage each aspect of your attraction, including admissions, food and beverage and retail shop.

Providing you with real-time reporting and analytics, you can instantly see what is working well and areas that may need a little further attention.

Benefits of an EPOS ticketing system

Team support

Your teams can now deliver even better customer service with easy-to-understand till systems and POS.

With every ticket type available, staff can look at further opportunities to upsell and cross-sell, providing an improved customer experience, i.e., upgrading tickets to VIP admission, converting them to annual passes, or offering additional activities or meal options.

Staff can also check capacity levels in real-time, helping to abide by all health and safety guidance, helping to keep everyone safe, and queues to a minimum.

Stock levels can be monitored accurately and managed much more effectively – no longer do you need to carry out manual stock checks or run out of items before being notified!

Catering outlets

If you have food and beverage venues within your attraction, these too can be included as part of the tourist attraction’s EPOS software. You can centrally control and manage updates and changes to menus in an instant, report on venue sales, manage tables with ease, create self-service kiosks in certain areas, automate special offers and meal deals, and generate further efficiencies when keeping on top of stock management. Offering your visitors a cashless environment addresses many securities as well as health and safety concerns that guests have.

Clarity in reporting

With an EPOS ticketing system, you can analyse data and report sales information, customer experiences, and behaviour in a lot more depth. As a result, you can gather the right information to forecast the future and plan marketing tactics and strategies with clear insight.

From analysing a single till to reporting across the whole attraction, you can do it all from just one system.

E-ticketing reduces queues

Online ticketing and EPOS systems allow you to manage individual, family, and even large group bookings effectively and efficiently. You can also introduce loyalty schemes and seasonal offers for bookings.

E-ticketing also helps to reduce queues with instant barcode ticket validation upon arrival.

Create personalised offers

Provide personalised offers and identify guests who may benefit from an annual pass using the unique data captured from your EPOS system.

Attractions can take this one step further by offering membership available for purchase at till points as well as online. Rewarding guests with personalised rewards based on their spending habits will see the number of return visits increase significantly.

Use the software and systems to their full potential by making renewing memberships straightforward and applying special members’ pricing and offers when appropriate.

Online vs. offline

Now there is no online vs. offline, but rather two separate sales channels of business working harmoniously together.

Not only does this integration between the two allows you to maximise your sales opportunities, but it also allows you to manage your overall stock control, making re-ordering and processing payments simple.

Self-serve kiosks

Many tourist attractions and fast-food outlets are now introducing self-serve kiosks, with staff on hand to help cut down on queues.

Self-serve kiosks can all link through your tourist attraction EPOS, showing a price breakdown, so the customer can check and review their order, with on-screen related products to help upsell.

What can an EPOS ticketing system do for you?

  • Secure repeat visitors
  • Encourage spending
  • Onboard staff quickly and effectively
  • Provide access to real-time reporting
  • Make more informed decisions

For your customers:

  • A Cashless environment
  • Spend less time queuing
  • Can secure some great deals
  • Budget and plan better
  • Upgrade their experience

Tourist attractions need EPOS and ticketing systems with reliable tills and intelligent reporting.

Grow your visitor numbers today with the insights provided by the right software solutions tailored for you.

Manage your inventory, tickets and admissions, events, memberships, Direct Debits, POS, reporting, gift aid, and more.

Review your systems today if you are looking for a seamless experience with one reliable and efficient solution provider.

Book your online demo with a member of the Haven Systems team today. We can show you how we can help your visitor or farm attraction, answering any questions you might have.

Call now on 01646 601 992 or email your questions and requirements to sales@haven-systems.co.uk.

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