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Can I use my existing EPOS till hardware with an alternative EPOS software solution?

Can I use my existing EPOS till hardware with an alternative EPOS software solution

This is one of the most frequently asked questions we receive at Haven Systems (that and why should I have an EPOS system in the first place – more info here on that!)

The good news is that many EPOS till systems run a Windows operating system and are therefore compatible with EPOS software suites from a number of associated vendors and Microsoft Partners. Essentially, if you have existing reliable and well-maintained hardware capable of running Windows 10, then you will be able to move to a different software vendor without having the expense of upgrading hardware.

There may be a number of reasons why it may be to your advantage to move to a new EPOS software suite. For example, specific software features, integration with a self-order app, or improved reporting and analytics.

However, not all hardware may be capable of running the latest versions of software to their full capability and, in some cases, hardware might not be suitable, and we’d recommend speaking to an expert before you get started.

EPOS sales

We understand that to maximise the benefits of your investment, your EPOS software suite and associated peripheral devices such as integrated Chip & PIN devices, thermal receipt printers, dedicated kitchen printers and barcode scanners are fully optimized.

Our Haven Systems team works closely with you to understand your specific business requirements and how the right EPOS system can support them.

Supporting you with:

Growth – continually monitoring the needs of your business to ensure that your EPOS hardware and software are performing and delivering what you need them to.

Usability – understand how you will use the system and make sure you can customize the back office system and manage products, prices and user access control for employees. For example, operator hours can be recorded through a ‘clock on/off’ function at the till.

Flexibility – make sure that your EPOS system is flexible and versatile, i.e. if you scale up through expansion and additional outlets, the system needs to help you grow with you.

Using existing EPOS systems with other EPOS software

Today, businesses need a robust yet flexible solution, and operators should understand the pros and cons of all EPOS systems as both the hardware and software are significant investments, but ones that will provide them with big returns in the long run.

Switching EPOS providers be difficult. Choosing a company that you have confidence in and that is receptive to meeting your needs will plan a smooth migration.

Why consider changing EPOS systems?

Other than experiencing poor support and customer service, many businesses do not usually consider changing their EPOS provider. However, it’s worth investing time and reviewing existing systems and processes. If you can speed up service, make more sales and at the same time improve the customer experience, then a move to a completely new system that can deliver this makes perfect sense.

Having the option to add a full EPOS integrated online sales channel, self-service till self-order and a loyalty app may well be the key to helping you boost sales.

Research shows that the trend for earning loyalty points and an opportunity for customers to earn rewards is a trend set to continue in the post-pandemic world.

Do you want more enhanced analysis and data, providing a holistic view of your customers and their buying patterns?

Do you now need to improve inventory management and stock control? Keeping a check on orders, re-ordering, etc. Ideally, do you want to process orders and transactions across various channels, connecting your cash register, for example, with your online sales?

Do you want to:

  • Sell at the same time in multiple places
  • See stock in real-time (ideal for click and collect models)
  • Reduce the need to manually input data
  • Centrally manage data
  • Save time and resources
  • Offer cross channel promotions and discounts
  • Understand your customers buying behaviour
  • Gain insight into sales behaviour
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Allow customers to pay in various ways
  • Boost customer satisfaction.

With various options available, you need to find the right one for your business. One that suits your needs and ultimately will make your life easier.

Speak to a member of our team today to chat about the additional functionality, technical support and payment integration that we can provide to help you grow your business.

Call an EPOS provider you can trust at 01646 601 992 for further information or email your requirements to sales@haven-systems.co.uk.

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