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The Queens Platinum Jubilee, time to celebrate!

Introducing 'Vine' the new self-ordering app from Haven Systems

Additional Bank Holidays are always welcome and usually a great boost for the wider economy, especially the hospitality sector, particularly when the nation is encouraged to celebrate, and bars and restaurants are granted extra operational hours. And in 2022 we have exactly that with the forthcoming Queens Platinum Jubilee. 

What is the Jubilee? What’s happening and when? 

The Platinum Jubilee Central Weekend takes place from Thursday, June 2nd to Sunday, June 5th 2022, and is set to celebrate 70 years of the reigning monarch Queen Elizabeth II. This is the longest a British Monarch has held the throne and so a celebration is encouraged. 

Throughout the United Kingdom there are official events that include tree planting, beacon lighting, and ‘Jubilee Big Lunches’. There are also various live music and entertainment events and activities for children and families happening over the extended weekend, as well as special events happening within London directly involving the Royal family. 

Pubs and bars in England and Wales have been granted two additional operating hours over the celebratory weekend to encourage business and help the celebrations continue, and many busy streets have been given the green light to hold parties. 

Why are we celebrating? 

Celebrations are happening up and down the UK to celebrate the historical event of a platinum jubilee. Queen Elizabeth II is now the longest-reigning British monarch in history, reaching 70 years on the throne. 

It is widely expected that, with the additional bank holiday, making an extra-long weekend for many, that the nation is set to celebrate in style. It has been a long time since we have seen street parties on anything like the anticipated scale. For many, especially after so many cancelled social events over the previous 2 years it really is time to celebrate. 

Hospitality businesses are busy planning their own events and expecting to see a real boost in trade in June. Part of the challenge will be handling the volume of customers attending events, there is a drive to set up simple, efficient online ticketing where there are restrictions on numbers. Maximum capacity can be controlled with cloud ticketing software. 

Using EPOS integrated self-ordering should also help with the potential resource and staffing difficulties that may arise. With a self-order app such as Vine, having the capability to take orders and payments from either a numbered (or named) table as well as via Click & Collect or even for delivery within a specified area or postcode, comes the opportunity to serve more customers quickly and efficiently. Vine effectively creates additional sales channels. 

Integration with the EPOS Till system is key to the success of rolling out a self-ordering app. Once the system is set up, users can easily create bespoke or themed menus. A special ‘Jubilee Afternoon Tea’ menu set with is easily created in the electronic point of sale system with products, prices and dish images set live instantly.  

A quick scan of a QR code or NFC tag conveniently located to prompt your customers to view menus, order and pay in the app can really boost customer experience, especially when their venue of choice is running at maximum capacity and the alternative is to form an orderly queue at the bar. 

Self-ordering is fast becoming the norm in more hospitality environments, not just quick food service restaurants where self-service till points count for a significant majority of transactions. Growth in cashless transactions continues to new levels making it important for businesses to leverage their investment in technology and make sure that they have the best possible solution. 

Fingers crossed that the weather also plays a part in the celebrations, and that all types of hospitality businesses, as well as the indoor and outdoor events are an enormous success and enjoyable for all!

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