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Is a self-service till or kiosk right for you?

Self-serve tills and kiosks

Are you thinking about introducing a self-serve, ordering, and payment system into your hospitality operation? Increasing the flow and number of orders you take and reducing the time customers have to wait in line? 

Then you’re in the right place!

Helping you to reduce your customer’s wait times, reduce queuing, self-ordering tills and kiosks are a great and viable solution. 

At www.haven-systems.co.uk, we have developed a range of self-ordering, click and collect, deliveries, and payment options using our self-service EPOS and Vine platforms. 

This post looks at self-service tills for restaurants further and the technology behind the touch screen systems. 

Self-serve tills and kiosks

Self-serve tills and kiosks integrate both hardware and software to produce a point of sale terminals for your hospitality business. 

These types of kiosks are becoming very popular in hospitality as they offer your customers a speedy and efficient check out process. 

Most self-ordering kiosks are connected to cloud servers to store menus, where you can manage customer requests with ease.  And customers can place their order and pay all in one place, without necessarily waiting in line. 

For many hospitality operations, especially college or university campuses and business service centres, giving customers the option to be served at a till point in the traditional way, as well as the option to ‘grab & go’ if proving to boost efficiency. Reducing overheads and boosting sales at the same time. 

A self-ordering till or kiosk for you 

To implement the right self-ordering till or kiosk for you, you first need to identify your customer’s needs and the value of implementing such a system. 

Think about your customer’s pain points and how a self-service solution will help them. 

For example, what job or task is the customer trying to complete? How do they currently achieve this task? How can you ultimately make their life easier? 

Moving from your customer needs, you will then look at what you need from the self serve till or kiosk. 

For example, the solution may be a tablet, wall mounted till with a semi attended Chip & PIN payment terminal rather than a dedicated kiosk. Our software has the option to email receipts, hence a printer may not be required. There may be a requirement to include cashless as well as standard EMV cards as a payment method.

Do you need a solution that does all of these things? Do you need it to do more? 

Think of your process 

In all transaction’s customers want a seamless experience, understanding their expectations is key. 

For example, as part of your self-ordering kiosk, you will need to consider: 

  • The user interface should be intuitive and simple to use 
  • Are dish images required? If so, are the high-quality dish images readily available.  
  • Can customers customise their dishes? Adding or removing ingredients to suit specific tastes. 
  • How can your customers pay? By card using a pin, EMV chip, or perhaps contactless with Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay? 

These are the type of questions that we address and discuss with you at the earliest stages of planning a project. 

Behind the scenes 

You will have access to the EPOS back office and management information systems https://www.haven-systems.co.uk/management-information-system/, allowing you to control the prices of food and beverage, allergen information, stock availability and much more. 

A fully EPOS integrated, self-serve and self-ordering solution ultimately gives your customers choice and an overall better experience, while you enjoy a ‘one-stop shop’ solution from a company that provide unrivalled after-sales and technical support. 

Talk to us about PCI compliance (payment card industry compliance) and how we can provide you with a fully integrated solution. 

To find out more from a company that can offer you high-quality, competitive, and customised systems, call the team at Haven Systems today. 

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