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How is mobile ordering benefitting the attractions sector?

How is mobile ordering benefitting the attractions sector

There’s no doubt that the attractions industry has been one of the hardest to have been hit in the last 2 years, enforced closure, limited guest numbers, a lack of travel and concern for safety during the pandemic has meant it’s been harder to get people through the gates, and when they do arrive, they want to make the most of their time on site. 

This is where mobile ordering and self-service can really help. Guests will be able to spend less time waiting in queues and more time doing the things they enjoy meaning they’ll be happier, and your ratings and return visits will in turn increase. 

Mobile ordering gives guests the opportunity to order food and drinks on the go from their own mobile device anywhere on-site, meaning they can avoid the long lines and collect food when they are ready to do so. Mobile ordering can run across multiple food and beverage stations throughout the attraction or be separated into location zones making it easier for staff to manage and guests to use.   

With Vine, our mobile ordering web-based application, guests won’t even need to download anything in order to use the feature, instead of scanning a QR code, or placing their mobile device next to a Near Field Communications (NFC) tag. The intuitive user interface makes placing an order simple and it takes just a minute or two from start to finish. Dish images, product modifiers, allergen information and many more features make the ordering process quick and intuitive.  

If mobile ordering with options to configure for table service, collections, as well as an option for deliveries, doesn’t feel like the right fit for your business, there is the option of self-service point of sale stations, which will allow you to disperse lines, still decreasing wait times and putting more control in the hands of the guest. 

With a self-service point, guests will be able to place an order themselves at a designated station for food and drink. This will again improve the guest experience by reducing wait times and should help to improve revenue by increasing upselling and encouraging the customer to spend more. It is essential to have a way of controlling the volume and flow of orders so that staff resources are allocated correctly, this is managed within the vine control application so that staff do not get overwhelmed with orders at peak times.  

A self-service point allows for dead space to become a designated self-service area, eliminating the need and costs relating to cashiering, or allowing more staff to work on food and beverage preparation and delivery.  In terms of security, self-service points are effectively ‘semi-attended’ rather than completely unattended. Staff can focus on other tasks including service delivery. Potentially one member of staff can oversee and attend up to 5 or 6 self-service points at any single time. 

Using the Vine self-ordering app, Vine self-service point or a combination of both allows you to standardise your payment platform. It’s a single solution with all modules, including EPOS, Cloud Tickets and a membership database, controlled by the central back-office and management information system. 

A single solution with a fully integrated payment provider makes your life easier. That said, we are not restricted to any single merchant service provider and have a number of options that mean we can clear funds through your existing or preferred service where required. 

It is no surprise that a recent report confirms that in the UK, people are drawing less money out of ATM cash machines. In fact, we are drawing nearly £100 million less from ATM’s on a daily basis compared to 2019 according to the report from Link (ATM’s). The reliance on fast, contactless payments either online or face2face has never been greater.  

Whilst the initial investment may appear relatively high, mobile ordering and self-service points are leading the way in improving guest experiences, reducing wait times and improving customer service. Implementing these changes could see your attractions business hit new heights, especially as customers with a positive experience are more likely to recommend you to friends and family. One thing that has become clear over the last 2 years, is that the adaption of new technology by consumers has accelerated significantly. 

Since the easing of restrictions, many attraction operations are reporting some very positive news in terms of visitor numbers, forward bookings and increased spending per head. In general, there is a great demand by consumers to experience a great day out with friends and family. Having the right systems and technology is a key component when it comes to providing the right guest experience. 

If you’re still concerned about the level of investment, don’t forget about the current capital tax ‘super deduction’ – there is no better time to purchase new hardware and software than now and when you’re ready get in touch so we can help you fully integrate your self-service and mobile ordering solutions.