New on-line Ticketing Development for Visitor Attractions

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Haven Systems have continued to focus on development of additional products for core sectors including the Visitor Attraction market sector with the release of a new Trade Sales Portal.

The Trade Sales Portal is a web front end designed for operators that have a requirement to promote affiliate ticket sales, allowing trade sales partners to purchase attraction tickets directly through their cashless trade account.

Users log in to an attraction branded portal with a secure username and password. Once logged in, they access a cashless credit account against which they can purchase tickets for distribution to end users. The tickets are emailed to the operator who can distribute to their customers in line with any agreement or rules.

As the solution operates seamlessly with Haven Systems Version 6 EPOS, when customers arrive at the venue or visitor attraction, their tickets are scanned and verified for entry.

Depending on the accounting period, potentially at month end, the operator may invoice the affiliate for any tickets purchased. Number, type and value of ticket sales are transparent and detailed within the back-office reporting system. Reports may be exported and made available in a number of formats including PDF, MS Excel, CSV, Text or Image making it a simple process to share the sales data with third parties.

The Trade Portal is an efficient way for operators who want to their agents to be able to purchase tickets for their customers, allowing affiliates including Information Centres, hotels wishing to package attraction visits with hotel stays and other agency partners to take full advantage of immediate ticket purchase and delivery.

In many cases, a very similar but highly manual process takes place, resulting in high stock holding of branded visitor attraction tickets, and inefficient accounting practices. Trade Portal addresses this by delivering easily accessible, instant ticket availability that is fully transparent both in terms of affiliate usage and a secure way of scanning and verifying visitors at the point of entry. Once scanned, the ticket is rendered useless & no further scans are possible.

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