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Benefit of Cloud Ticketing Systems

Benefit of Cloud Ticketing Systems

In the service industry, and especially in the Tourism market sector, working with your customers and meeting their needs is key to growing business, improving reputations and encouraging guests to return.  And using cloud-based software is one of the great ways businesses can achieve this and more. 

Implementing a simple to use, the safe and efficient cloud ticketing system is one way to provide excellent customer service. In addition, you can enhance the customer journey by offering a fully branded web portal that is seamlessly integrated with your existing website. E-tickets delivered electronically complete the process when scanned on arrival so that entry can be validated and the associated ticket package displayed on the screen.  

It’s reported that digital is not only the way of the future, but digital will also be the main focus to help and improve customer support. Once a guest has made the initial purchase, and the Cloud Ticket has been delivered, a series of email ‘triggers’ can prompt users to revisit their booking and add, for example, additional activities. 

In this sense ticketing software allows you to help your customers better, capturing and managing their booking, tracking status, and responding effectively and efficiently. 

Showing your collaborative side, think of ticketing as part of your after-sales service. 

Is now the time to look into a cloud ticketing system to respond to customer service’s everyday challenges in the service sector? 

Advantages of implementing an e-ticketing solution 

It can be customised to suit your teams – no longer do you have to rely on paper messages, sharing information, remembering to return calls, etc.  With a cloud-based ticketing system, everyone who has the correct set permissions will receive the same information simultaneously.  It also means that team members will see what they’re allowed to see and need to see without overcrowding the interface. 

You can remain in complete control – you can check on the progress of your teams and staff without having to access multiple systems for a single piece of information.  With cloud-based systems, you can monitor activity, view processes instantly, and have the opportunity to give teams the right tools to do the best job.  Data is often a business’s most powerful weapon, and understanding where you can make improvements and offer targeted training can all help to boost your business’s performance, motivate your teams, and grow! 

It can be used with ease across remote teams – you can now communicate the same information, for example, an Arrivals List, to all teams remotely, ensuring every team member is seeing up to the second visitor information.  Again, this will allow you to enhance your customer service offer and create quicker turnaround times too.  With everyone able to access the right and relevant information, you will also be in a better position to increase productivity and effectiveness. 

Meet deadlines and customer requests quickly and effectively – manage even your busiest days with ease, guarantee quick turnaround times with que busting, and provide great customer service.  Priorities for teams can be managed quickly and can also be rearranged at short notice. Setting automated reminders and notifications can help to make sure no customer is lost again!  

It can be a great way to communicate with your customers – keeping them up to date at all stages so that they know that their request is being upheld or you are providing the right answer to the questions asked. 

With the right e-ticketing system, the benefits are: 

  • Cloud-hosted central database 
  •  View live bookings and associated customer information 
  • Reduce human error and the number of mistakes made with paper bookings 
  • Have complete visibility of all activities 
  • Act fast and respond to changes in demand for bookings 
  • Manage response times 
  • Set SLA’s 

Offering a professional touch, the best customer support solutions, and a positive customer experience. 

That’s why we offer cloud-based ticketing systems that meet your requirements.  To find out more and for a free demonstration, contact 01646 601 992 today. 

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