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EPOS for Cafés and Coffee shops

EPOS for Cafés and Coffee shops

Coffee shops and cafés are at the heart of every village, town, and city. Regardless of the size of your business, there is a following of people who depend on you to have a relaxed environment, fast service, and great products.

It’s true that the café setting hasn’t changed in a number of years. The business fulfils its customer’s needs by providing a comfortable place to enjoy a beverage and some delicious food and so it’s clear why there is some scepticism when new technology is marketed as a ‘game-changer’. But a good EPOS system is really the best way to take your business to the next level.

Customers prefer to wait less and relax more, so adding a mobile solution to your business like a table ordering app can mean that those customers can stay comfortable at their table and order when they require it. This can mean that they stay longer and consume more.

So, what can an EPOS do for your business?

A good coffee shop POS system can offer stock control, increased efficiency, mobile solutions, and easy to use software that makes processing orders much easier and faster. On top of this, there is easy menu management, payment collection, reports, and analytics as well as loyalty functions.

Each component of the coffee shop POS software can benefit you and your business in different ways, and so we’ll break it down for you:

Collecting Payments

Inputting orders and collecting payments are the key functions of any EPOS machine and so storing a large menu that allows the staff member to simply select the chosen items, or scan relevant barcodes is essential. You should also be able to add customisations to each order through your system. Then, of course, you’ll need your system to make payment with ease.

A complete EPOS system will usually feature a till, card reader, cash draw, and a receipt printer. It’s important that your chosen system accepts the most popular methods of payment, including electronic payments like Apple Pay.

Inventory and Stock Control

By integrating with your stock management processes, your EPOS will help you to avoid over-ordering or missing out on stocking up on your most popular products, helping to reduce potentially expensive mistakes.

Café EPOS systems will keep track of your inventory in real-time, letting you know when it’s time to reorder each product, made even more precise by configuring the exact recipes into the back-office. This will also give you an insight into high-wastage areas which is vital for keeping a high-profit margin.

Menu Management

Strict menu management comes with a lot of benefits. With a standardised menu, there are fewer expenses, which will lead to a healthier profit margin.

Your EPOS will help by saving recipes for each coffee that include precise measurements and quantities to ensure your customers receive a consistent service every time. It will also provide you with the ability to add and remove menu items and amend items quickly and with ease. The coffee shop EPOS system should allow you to alter your menus daily, weekly, monthly, or seasonally depending on any promotions and product launches, as well as block any temporary out-of-stock items to help maximise your efficiency and reduce any confusion.

Reports and Analytics

An EPOS system will also allow you to analyse customer data, helping you to understand customer spending trends and your best or worst-selling products at different times of the day. This information can help you to create stronger marketing strategies and improve the success of advertising, as well as help with menu changes and seasonal promotions.

Mobile Ordering

The introduction of mobile ordering has allowed businesses to shift their main focus to service and delivery, which helps to reduce the chances of over-staffing and gives employees a chance to handle other responsibilities within their role as opposed to standing at the till system for several hours.

Not only does it help staff, but it provides a more relaxed environment for customers, allowing them to stay seated and avoid queuing and the stress of potentially losing their seats in a busy setting.

Mobile ordering has been shown to increase spending due to the customer’s ability to clearly see offers and availability as well as the increased opportunity for upselling.

Mobile devices also offer the ability to click and collect orders, meaning that busy individuals can pop an order through an app or website, and collect it when they are available, for example, on a lunch break.

Customer Loyalty

Keeping a customer is far cheaper than marketing to new ones, and one of the best ways to help customer retention is a good loyalty scheme. This may be in the form of special deals, free birthday gifts, or discounts for those registered to a mailing list.

With our upcoming launch of Vine Plus Loyalty, customers can earn points to accrue a discount or store credit. They could also earn a free coffee after purchasing a certain amount. The possibilities are endless and a great way to keep people coming back.

All in all, a great EPOS system is essential to the smooth running of your coffee shop or café. By investing in a bespoke system, tailored for you, you can ensure that your business needs are met, helping you to run an efficient and profitable business.

We know that investing in your business is a big and difficult decision. If you’d like to know more about our bespoke EPOS software designed specifically to meet your business needs, get in touch. Alternatively, if you’re looking to add mobile ordering to your current set-up, you can try our free demo here.