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Can you boost your takeaway and off-sales efficiency without compromising on quality?

Can you boost your takeaway and off-sales efficiency without compromising on quality

In a word, yes.  

Efficiencies can undoubtedly be made without compromising on quality. And supporting you in this endeavour is a technology that includes our Click & Collects and Delivery scheduling features. 

We know the daily challenges faced in any business, and we understand just what goes into running your operation and ensuring that it continues to operate at the highest standards while delivering an exceptional customer experience. 

That’s why we believe it is essential that you take stock of everything that’s already going well and consider additional opportunities such as the expansion of off-sales and delivering food and beverage direct to your customers. 

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Food & Beverage Business 

Running a hospitality business in 2021 is not an easy task.  However, we know for certain that in light of the pandemic, ordering a takeaway option isn’t going to subside anytime soon. As well as the traditional takeaways, more F&B businesses are expanding sales through off-sales. Anything from milkshakes and cookies through to a Sunday Roast dinner are all being ordered online for local delivery.  

We understand that you want the order and delivery processes to be seamless—everything from food safety to health and safety, employee engagement, and brand fulfilment is critical to your business. 

One of the biggest issues facing the industry is the volume of wastage.  It’s estimated that a staggering 200,000 tonnes of food are wasted each year.   

This wastage comes at a great cost to restaurant and takeaway owners as well as a substantial cost to the environment. 

Therefore, to help reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and boost performance and profit, all without compromising on quality, you should: 

Automate your processes with systems that work for you.  Automating workflows from the point of order through to the delivery process can hugely help you to increase customer experience and reduce waste. An efficient order control system helps you to manage with greater efficiency high volumes, repetitive, and even time-pressure tasks. 

Opting for an epos system for restaurants with specific food and beverage functionality can help you in many ways, including automating the stock control process. Enabling you to analyse your stock usage accurately will help increase customer experience and business growth.  Automating set processes can also help you to remain compliant and meet specific standards such as food standards requirements. 

Choose the right epos solutions – restaurant epos systems are an essential component of running a busy and successful hospitality operation in today’s environment.   Helping to improve workflows, when you have the right system and processes in place, speed up service times and increase customer satisfaction two-fold.  

The latest tech solutions help you to address your pain points and the pain points of your customers. It’s important to know that opting for a cloud-based epos solution or a hybrid system that hosts the data on the cloud, allows for updates and system maintenance to be carried out seamlessly with zero impact on your trading session. Hybrid EPOS ensures the best of both worlds, cloud and on-premise, to ensure maximum uptime and minimal impact on trade should there be a network/internet interruption. 

To find out the benefits of choosing the right EPOS system for you, make sure to check out our latest post HERE. 

Ask for feedback – To help you understand if you could be doing things better, ask your customers!  Regular feedback can provide you with better insight and analysis, allowing you to focus on the right areas. Running out of stock is one of the most common complaints. It’s frustrating to order a dish from a menu only to be told shortly afterwards that there are none left. Improved stock control significantly reduces the ‘sorry we are out of this dish’ scenario. Also, putting digital menus in the hands of your customers means that ‘out of stock’ dishes can immediately be removed. 

Do you need any help? – Working with a partner business that is keen to offer advice and discuss your requirements in a consultative rather than sales first approach will be a great benefit. Also, for many small independent businesses, it may be worth considering outsourcing IT support to a dedicated service provider. 

Improving your business without compromising on quality 

If you’re looking to save time, meet your customers’ demands efficiently and effectively, then carrying out an internal audit to assess how you could improve systems, to see if you’re working with the right partners, if your team fully understands their roles and responsibilities, and if you have the right restaurant epos system to support you, is vital. 

Helping to optimise efficiency, reduce waste, improve the customer experience, keep productivity levels high, speed up payment processing, cut down on queuing times, and more, technology today can offer you it all.  POS systems connected to inventory management, sales analysis, customer data, and more offer you depth and business insights at every step. 

In addition, you can also reconcile your end-of-day takings with ease when opting for integrated payment solutions – saving you time and discrepancies! 

With the right EPOS system, you can also offer smart promotions, i.e., discounts, Buy One Get One Free (BOGOF), Buy X get Y free etc.  

Building your email database, making your data work harder for you while your customers also reap the benefits with tailored promotions. 

Ultimately you can: 

  • Take orders and payments on-premise and online with omnichannel EPOS 
  • Fully integrated face2face PED (PIN ENTRY DEVICE) and online payment processing 
  • Provide Table Service, Click & Collect and Deliveries 
  • Monitor the status of your open tables and open orders 
  • View events (sales and orders) in real-time 
  • Print orders directly to specified printers and kitchen printers 
  • Save costs, improve processes, and boost your bottom line 
  • Improve profit margins with inventory management and reduced waste 
  • One solution – single back-office and management system for face2face and online sales. 

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