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Choosing the right EPOS Machine and Software for you!

Choosing the right EPOS Machine and Software for you!

Looking for a new EPOS System or considering an upgrade can be tough, there are so many options and a huge variety of machines to choose from. To help make the decision easier for you, here is a list of things that you should know before taking the plunge. 

First, what does EPOS stand for? 

 EPOS means, Electronic Point of Sale. It is the time and place where a retail transaction is completed, the merchant calculates the amount owed by the customer, indicates the amount and prepares an invoice for the customer. It also indicates the payment options for the customer. Why is EPOS better? 

 Where a traditional till system would record sales, an EPOS machine will also generate detailed reports in response to the input data and can even assist in stock management.  

Why use EPOS? 

 EPOS makes the buying process faster and more efficient, making it easier to serve customers. A good EPOS system can also help you to specifically tailor to your customer’s needs, bringing up data about past purchases or other information that can help you to better serve them.  

What should you consider before purchasing EPOS hardware or software? 

  • Functionality
    In order to get the most out of your system, you need to have a good understanding of exactly what you need it to do. Before contacting any vendors, it’s best to make a list of functionalities that are absolute must-haves, for example, inventory management, real-time reports on sales or inventory management. In many cases, vendors can tailor their software to meet any specific needs you might have and so if you like the look of a system, but it doesn’t offer all your must-haves on paper, it might still be worth getting in touch. 
  • Price
    Of course, value for money is important for any business, but price shouldn’t be the main focus of your new EPOS system decision. There is no reason to pay for features that you don’t want or need, but don’t scrimp out on must-have features that will benefit your business due to their cost. With the UK Government’s tax ‘super deduction’ you may be able to spend a little more in order to make your system the perfect one for you. 
  • Ease of Use
    A great EPOS system should be user-friendly so that even the newest member of the team can be trained to use it quickly and easily. As well as this, you should check how easy it is to update the software, ideally, you won’t need to contact the vendor as members of the team will be able to install updates themselves
  • Flexibility
    The main reason for investing in EPOS is ensuring your business is more efficient, therefore your system should be able to offer a range of payment options to customers including chip and pin, contactless and even newer app-based technologies like Vine.  
  • Compatibility
    Your new EPOS machine should integrate with existing systems within your business. You shouldn’t need any separate systems to be used or any bridges to be built in order for your existing practices to work alongside it. A good vendor will have various strategies in place to make sure that this integration is well maintained, especially when there are updates or new technology is brought in.
  • Security
    Fraud is unfortunately on the rise and so it’s important to know that your EPOS is equipped with the latest security standards. Your vendor should be able to show you how secure their system is and be able to demonstrate how it will remain secure in the future.
  • Implementation
    We understand that you can’t afford huge amounts of downtime while your new EPOS is installed and so opting for a cloud-based system is highly recommended, as this can reduce implementation costs, and precious time. Plus, as your business grows, a cloud-based system is easy to scale up across multiple sites, allowing your EPOS system to grow alongside you.
  • Support
    This is essential. A good EPOS provider should be more than just a supplier and will understand that most business isn’t just Monday to Friday, 9-5. Here at Haven Systems, our helpdesk is housed internally at our UK head office and managed by a team of expert engineers. We provide support seven days a week both on-site and remote depending on your needs.
  • Bonus Features
    Are there any features you think would be nice to have but aren’t essential? Make a list of these too, they will help your business run more efficiently and even boost the business’ performance. 

It is always recommended that you get a full demo to see if the system you’re shopping for really is the best fit for you and your business before committing to a purchase. You can get in touch or request a demo here and we’ll be happy to help. 

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