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Ways to increase efficiency during service

Ways to increase efficiency during service

In the service sector, fast and efficient service is a prerequisite. That and ensuring orders are accurate, and the customer service provided is first class.

Ensuring that the right systems and processes are in running like clockwork is of paramount importance.

Frequent review of EPOS POS systems, ordering and delivery processes and inventory management are all vital when it comes to delivering exceptional service.

And with a range of EPOS systems available on the market (go to EPOS page), there is certainly a system to suit all requirements.

When looking at how to increase operational efficiency in service sector situations, we’ve pulled together some of our top tips below.

Ways to increase efficiency during service

Get organised. This is sometimes easier said than done; however, planning your days, weeks, and months, prioritising tasks, coordinating schedules, making to-do lists, and assigning tasks, help everyone know what to do and when to do it. You can use a clock on and clock off function to review staff hours worked and compare against a sale by time report to keep a check on efficiency and ‘wage to take’ analysis.

Have a floor plan. Ideally, having a floor plan readily available on your POS interface can save you and your team time and energy. You can also make amendments with ease by allowing staff to locate tables in seconds. Having the ability to move and merge tables on the table plan can help significantly. Additional functionally with the POS system such as Split Bill or Go Dutch help to complete a smooth payment process.

Manage tables efficiently. Instantly know by viewing the floor plan designer on the EPOS system at what stage your tables are at, based on their coloured status. With colour coding systems in place, teams can now track where customers are in their dining experience. You will also be able to quickly identify when a table will be available for the next guest, whether that be a walk in or pre-booked.

Self Ordering. Putting digital menus, and the ability to order and pay in a single transaction in the hands of your guests not only helps to increase spending per head, but is also efficient and reduces the number of errors. It’s important that the self-ordering system is fully integrated with the EPOS system and potentially, the stock control system too so that guests are not disappointed by an out-of-stock item and apology following their order.

Sales Promotions and Loyalty. With restaurant EPOS systems UK integration, digital rewards such as stamp cards and loyalty points accrued and redeemed either online or at the till help to build brand and customer community. A well-planned digital loyalty program helps to boost sales and improves customer retention. With more than 80% of UK adults owning a smartphone, the potential benefit and return from digital loyalty is significant.

Integrate PDQS with your POS. By integrating your POS with your card payment systems, you can process transactions quickly and efficiently, with fewer mistakes, offering customers a secure and seamless experience. Considering the best pay at table option for the style of operation offers additional advantages. By integrating your card payment solutions, cashing up at the end of the day is more accurate, simpler and quicker.

When thinking, `how can an EPOS system increase efficiency in my business, it is worth considering the complete process. Identify the parts that are working and what elements could be improved. Is there another process or tech solution that could help the business to be more efficient?

Reports state that British retailers lose up to £1.4 billion a year because of busy checkouts. People don’t want to wait; they want a quick service with fast payment options. Businesses now need to work smarter, not harder, and the right POS system can offer you many benefits.

Benefits such as:

Launching a digital loyalty scheme. With more insight into customer data and information, promotions may be tailored to specific customers or customer groups. For example, looking at trends will help identify customers who have not visited in the last month. A carefully crafted email to this group with a relevant promotion can have a great impact.

Improved management of stock levels. The right POS can help you identify accurate stock levels, so you don’t order unnecessary items or overstock on others but have enough availability to meet customer demand.

Increase customer satisfaction. Customers can shop or dine and pay the way they want to.

Know your busy periods. EPOS systems can provide you with real-time data to see when you are at your busiest, ensuring you have the appropriate number of staff to cover for those days and times.

Real-time data at your fingertips giving trading insights to help make the right and most informed decision for the business. Spotting trends and spending patterns is highly valuable when it comes to product and pricing policies.

Building customer data. Understand the impact of digital promotions and its impact on the business.

Increasing restaurant energy efficiency helps you reduce waste, keep staff happy and motivated, increase customer satisfaction, and boost profit margins.

If you’re looking to increase restaurant efficiency, let us help.

With a range of EPOS systems to choose from, upgrade your EPOS POS system today. With self-service and self-ordering, table plan management features and fast payment options, you can stay on top of your costs, staffing, and inventory more efficiently.

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