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Utilising Digital Advertising with your EPOS System

Eye-catching advertising is one of the best ways to promote your business and its products. There is a multitude of ways to do this, with social media and the internet playing a big role in today’s digital world. But did you know that your EPOS System can help with this too?

Consumers are driven by offers that will save them money or give some kind of reward that will keep them coming back time and time again. Some locations will utilise their local newspapers and magazines, others will take to the online market, using social media channels and search engines to market new products and offers. These are all excellent ways to engage new customers, but, your EPOS software could help you to engage your existing customers and build their loyalty to your brand.

Customer-facing screens are already a feature for many EPOS systems that often help customers to see their purchases and totals, but they can also be used to produce eye-catching digital marketing that highlights offers, new products and upcoming events. Whilst customers visit the bar, are shopping or waiting in a queue to pay, they will be shown relevant promotions and adverts at eye level. This can help with encouraging purchases, particularly impulse buys or perhaps to make a booking for a special event.

Bear in mind that traditional EPOS hardware, or to give it its full title, Electronic Point of Sale Systems, are ideally positioned and of course easily accessible to your paying customers. It makes sense to operate a stylish hardware platform that reflects your image or brand, and rather than a standard 2 line customer display, its well worth opting for a OLC 10.1″ customer facing screen to display your ads and promotions on.

Overall, advertising is the perfect way to increase your brand awareness. By utilising your EPOS’s customer-facing screen you can market to an audience that is actively spending in your business, increasing the average spend-per-head and building a loyal customer base.