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Things to consider when purchasing EPOS

Haven Systems provide business EPOS systems, demos and full support

The EPOS system has become a crucial part of the smooth running the majority of businesses. A good EPOS solution will not only provide an efficient way to handle transactions but also allow the opportunity to better organise many aspects of the business, streamlining processes like data analysis and staff monitoring. Introducing the right EPOS machine can be transformative, especially when the EPOS software is designed to best fit your business. 

A workable, customisable EPOS system is now a must-have across the hospitality and retail sectors. 

As you continue to deliver great service to your customers, it’s vital that you’re supported with the right technology. 

At Haven Systems Ltd, our team is on hand to answer your questions, provide you with that all-important further information, and set you up with a free trial so you can demo the right system for you. 

How EPOS works 

A good EPOS system provides an efficient way to handle transactions, provide sound inventory reports, real-time sales statistics, staff monitoring, and more. 

To find the right EPOS system for you, look at the areas within your business that you want to improve and grow, then look at the EPOS solutions that can help you achieve this. 

EPOS Software 

When choosing the right EPOS system for you, some of the main areas that you should consider, include:

Can it be customised – every business is different; therefore, a one-size-fits-all EPOS system doesn’t always work.  You need the ability to customise systems to integrate with your current IT if you are to really optimise your investment.  Consider your existing IT infrastructure and how you can tailor a new solution around your requirements.

Is it easy to use – introducing a complicated system not only infuriates some staff and customers it can also affect your day-to-day operations.  Ideally, you need an EPOS system where staff can be trained and up and running in no time.  Intuitive systems that can be personalised and information easily modified and changed are key.  Note:  Systems should be simple to install updates quickly and effectively.

Will it positively contribute to the customer experience – the keyword here is positive. For example, do customers now have a range of payment options available to them?  Can payment systems be integrated and connected to your EPOS to avoid manual entry?  

Are payments simplified, faster, and more streamlined? Again, the focus should be on delivering a great customer experience while reducing operating costs.

Are our staff now free – to help support other business objectives? I.e., can you now offer handheld ordering which is more cost-effective than the traditional order pads? In addition, now your teams can take orders from anywhere in your venue, staff movement to and from kitchens, bars, tills, etc., is reduced.  Is it cost-effective for you to introduce mobile chip and pin terminals that can take orders and payments on the go?

Are you provided with support – when ordering your new EPOS system, you want to be safe knowing that if you have a question or query, there’s someone there to answer it?  That’s where Haven Systems come in; we have a technical support team on hand and who are available to answer questions and support you with your new system – make sure to call us today on 01646 601 992 to find out more.

Does it provide a high level of functionality – what do you want your EPOS system to do/achieve?  I.e., track dishes in a restaurant, inventory management, provide you with real-time sales reports, offer faster payments, etc.

Are you getting value for money – of course, your decision should not be based on price alone, but it is a big factor.  Make sure all pricing is transparent from the start, and that pricing packages meet your specific requirements.  However, it’s positive to note that EPOS systems often end up paying for themselves due to the cost savings you make and the improved profits they deliver.

Is it compatible – ideally, you want an agile EPOS system that integrates seamlessly into your existing architecture?  At Haven Systems Ltd, we can help ensure integration is fully maintained.

Increased security – your new EPOS system must be equipped with the latest security updates and standards and where required, be fully PCI DSS compliant.

Is it easy to implement – considering a hybrid cloud and on-premise solution can help reduce implementation time costs, yet reduce potential risks. A hybrid cloud system is also much easier to scale as your business grows and moves forward requiring a higher level of functionality.

Advantages of EPOS 

  • Increased transparency 
  • Speed 
  • Better efficiency 
  • Helps to cut costs 
  • It helps to save you and your team a considerable amount of time 
  • Faster payment processing 
  • Greater financial accuracy 
  • Reduce the chance of human error from occurring 
  • Reduce hours of admin 
  • Real-time sales figures and reporting are available 
  • And more!

EPOS systems should be seen as investments, helping to enhance your business operations, increase sales, manage waste, and support future business growth.

It is always recommended that you get a full demo and if you wish, an onsite visit to see if the system you’re shopping for really is the best fit for you and your business before committing to a purchase. You can get in touch or request a demo here and we’ll be happy to help.