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Make sure to have a Mobile POS as part of your overall solution

Make sure to have a Mobile POS as part of your overall solution

While it may have once been a ‘nice to have’, mobile point of sale systems have started to become more of a standard in the industry. A mobile pos solution is the final component of your EPOS system that helps to round out the overall functionality of your systems and essentially helps to make your general business operations run faster and smoother. Check out the link for those that are interested in integrating a mobile pos.

What exactly is a mpos system?

Historically, your point of sale system was typically fixed to specific locations. If something happened to the hardware, it could slow down or hinder business until repairs were made or a replacement made. Then came the epos solution that made the system software based and not completely tied to any specific type of hardware.

Now it’s all about having multiple sales channels as well as a mobile point of sale system that can help to turn a Windows tablet or smartphone into a mobile pos through a pos mobile app. The future is very much more geared towards customers ordering on their own devices.

Prepare for a smoother operation

As briefly touched upon above, mobile point of sale systems means you are able to accept payments both face to face and online through the pos mobile app. That means there’s no longer a choke point centralised location to receive payments.

For example, if you own a restaurant, you can checkout everything on the tablet by the table and not have to run back and forth to complete the bill. You’re able to have a multi channel  EPOS system that doesn’t require queuing as often and gets the customers out faster and much more satisfied with the overall experience.

You’ll be saving a great deal of money at every stage

A mobile POS system can get your operation up and running quickly and may not require such a the same level of upfront investment in hardware. Instead, you’re able to budget with tablets or use your existing phone(s) that can be used as a multifunctional device, such as marketing or collecting customer feedback.

You’ll also have the ability to easily scale up your business with a mobile pos solution, as you can easily add more order points through the addition of more tablets or smartphones. This can help you scale out to a new location or a new offsite location, such as a farmer’s market or another type of short-term event.

You’ll be able to get better features

With a mobile pos solution, it doesn’t just provide freedom to get away from only one location but also comes packed with the latest features that retailers and restaurants can benefit from. As a cloud hosted solution, you can use the solution anywhere that there is network connectivity.

Speaking of information, there won’t be any lack of real-time reporting that can help provide the right type of information for major business decisions. Business KPI’s and transaction data can be tracked and delivered in a simple to view admin dashboard for business owners, while the staff themselves get specialised access to focus on customer service and sales.

You can enhance your mpos solution also to include customer information, so when repeat customers come in, you’ll be able to track that information and take the appropriate actions. You can view past transactions and loyalty rewards programs and provide that curated, personalised service every time. Part of that also comes from the fact that many modern mobile point of sale systems will accept the latest payment options as well.

Easy to set up and integrate

The final element is to ensure a mobile point of sale systems first approach is that it’s much easier to set up and train up the staff with. The pos mobile web app for customers is intuitive and simple to use. Typically, the scan of a QR code launches teh web app. And once this has been done, users can easily save an icon to their home screen for simple access at future visits.

With a fully hosted web app, any technical support or troubleshooting that is required is easily actioned from behind the scenes. The solution is being constanly monitored to ensure maximum uptime and security.

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