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What does 2022 hold for the visitor attractions sector?

What does 2022 hold for the visitor attractions sector

Following the most difficult couple of years for the attractions industry, 2022 feels as though it is filled with promise. Restrictions have been lifted giving venues their capacities back, allowing them to invite more guests and offer more experiences. The weather over the Easter break is predicted to be bright, saying goodbye to April showers; and there is so much opportunity to review processes and consider the next steps in streamlining operations and further improving customer experience.

Whilst we here at Haven Systems have no control over the weather, or the government guidelines we absolutely can help you take your attraction’s business to the next level and help you streamline your processes, and make your guest experience second to none.

What technology can my attraction’s business use?

There are many options available, and what works best for each business is completely individual. You may need that one specific software module addresses your current requirement or find that a combination of all of them would work best to meet your attraction’s goals.

Our solutions can help you with all areas including admissions, retail shops as well as food and beverage.

Cloud Ticketing

Online ticketing systems help you to manage your bookings in advance, they allow you to sell annual passes, family passes, and daily admission. Cloud ticketing allows your guests to purchase their tickets and passes ahead of their arrival at their own convenience reducing the need for queuing and speeding up the admission process. Other benefits of online ticketing software include:

  • Mobile friendly, easy to use interface
  • Print at Home ticket delivery
  • Opportunity to upsell extras
  • Purchase Annual Pass or Membership online
  • Option to pay in full online or create a direct debit

Self-Service Till Points

Self-service till points give guests the ability to order when they require. ‘Semi-attended’ self-service points are ideal for a ‘grab and go’ style of outlet. Guests can scan a QR code with their mobile phone, or visit a self-service kiosk, allowing them to access an updated menu, order customised items, and find information on allergens and ingredients. This alone free’s up staff to complete other tasks and reduces the chance of overstaffing among other benefits such as:

  • Reduced Queues
  • Streamlined Service Processes
  • Staff have more time for additional tasks
  • Improved guest experience

Integrated EPOS

Having a system that handles all the software that you need is so important. An integrated EPOS system that can handle all aspects of your business will help you to streamline your processes, enhancing your productivity, and maximising profitability. An integrated system is also the best for your attractions business because it can offer:

Customer Loyalty

Encouraging your guests to return and enjoy a great experience at your attraction time and time again is of utmost importance to most operations. As well as the potential to convert visitors to annual pass holders, there is also the opportunity to drive repeat visits through loyalty rewards and promotions. We are set to release Vine plus Loyalty to give your guests the chance to earn and redeem points based on their spending. Rewards schemes are tailored to suit you and may, for example, be based on guests acquiring points on all or specific purchases to acquire points and then redeem against, for example, ice creams or coffees.

Vine Plus Loyalty is fully integrated with the till software and brings self-ordering, click & collect, delivery scheduling, and loyalty into a single solution

If you have big plans for 2022, you’ll need to make sure that you have the technology to keep pace. Combining one, or all of these systems with your existing setup is a great place to start. If you’d like to see our software, you can do so here. We also have a new stylish, robust hardware platform that delivers the very latest 15” touch screen till technology. You can get in touch to find out more about any of our software solutions, hardware options, and how they can help you and your business.