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How can Cloud Ticketing help your attractions business?

A theme park website using cloud ticketing and dynamic pricing options, provided by Haven Systems.

In today’s connected world, cloud-based ticketing systems have become an important sales channel for visitor attractions. They allow visitors to purchase tickets online, which makes the entire process of buying tickets for a chosen attraction more convenient, less time-consuming, and seamless when on arrival at the chosen destination.

Cloud-based ticketing systems are designed to run on a remote server, which means that guests can purchase tickets from anywhere in the world via their internet connection. This is particularly important for visitor attractions that draw visitors from further afield. Offering an online ticketing option allows attractions to offer a much wider reach.

Another significant advantage of cloud-based ticketing systems is that they are more efficient than traditional ticketing systems. With traditional ticketing systems, visitors typically join queues at peak times to purchase entry, which can be frustrating and take up time that could be spent enjoying attractions or spending money with vendors inside.

Cloud-based ticketing systems offer a seamless and quick purchasing process. Visitors can purchase tickets from their mobile devices, which means that they don’t have to stand in long queues and can spend more time enjoying the attraction. They also offer several benefits to attraction operators. For instance, they can track visitor data in real-time, which helps them make informed decisions about staffing, marketing, and other operations. Additionally, cloud-based ticketing systems can help operators save money by reducing the need for physical ticketing infrastructure and staff.

And now, Dynamic Pricing means that operators can tailor their pricing policy based on supply and demand. Working within set parameters defined by the business, the cost of a ticket varies depending on the demand. Control over the parameters, such as defining peak periods such as school holidays and bank holidays, are all controlled from the back-office system. Cloud Ticketing is fully EPOS integrated and allows e-tickets to be verified as valid (or non-valid) at the point of entry. It is a complete ‘end to end’ system incorporating Food & Beverage Sales, Retail Sales, Self-Ordering, Self Service, Season Passes and Memberships, all managed centrally.

A combination of cloud technology, with some applications deployed ‘on-premises,’ provides a hybrid solution to suit the connectivity challenges that many attractions face.

Overall, cloud-based ticketing systems offer several advantages for visitor attractions. They can increase revenue, improve efficiency, and provide valuable data insights. If you are looking for a robust, efficient cloud-based ticketing system for your attraction, consider Haven Systems.