Advanced stock for hospitality

Advanced Stock

Advanced stock solutions

For the Hospitality sector

From restaurants 

through to pubs and bars
EPOS for education features Meal Ordering, Cashless, Biometric and Web Top Up functionality.
Haven Systems Advanced Stock module includes the option to use a robust 10.1” Windows tablet with integrated 2-D Smartback scanner to accept orders and deliveries as well as take stock on the move.
Mobile stock means less human resource is required to accurately and conveniently keep stock levels updated.

Functionality includes;
  • Delivery of stock via an existing purchase order
On receipt of delivery, gives the ability to call up the existing purchase order to receive the stock
    • Amend the quantity received
    • Amend the price of an item
    • Prompt whether the order is closed or not before posting
    • Add a new item to the order
    • If a new item is added to the order, the order quantity is set to zero and the received quantity to the correct value

  • Delivery of stock without a purchase order
The user can search for stock items, and receive a quantity of stock for that item without having to create a purchase order.
    • Search for stock items, to speed up input (not picking from a list). Searching via
      • Stock Code (PLU code)
      • Supplier
      • Stock item description
      • Barcode swipe
      • Product Category (leading to a picklist)
    • Process similar to creating an order and submitting as ‘final’
    • Can input quantity of item
    • Can review the order list to make amendments before submission

Haven Systems LTD EPOS Advanced Stock
Full advanced stock for hospitality
Haven systems offer advanced stock for hospitality
EPOS for hospitality advanced stock
Advanced stock for hospitality from haven systems
hospitality advanced stock control
  • Stock Taking
Stock can be now be broken down into locations and areas. Each location (eg. different shops / outlets) may have several areas (eg. different shelves / several fridges or coolers).
    • Initiate a new stock take
    • Stock initialisation options
      • Items that have stock level not equal to 0
      • Items that have a stock level of 0, but has moved through the outlet in the past X months (user picks how many months)
    • Selection of Outlet / area
    • Search for stock items
    • Amend each stock take before finalising and submitting
    • Finalising a stock take takes all the areas for that location and amalgamates them for the final stock take figure

  • Wastage
    • Enter wastage figure per stock item
    • Interface similar to ‘delivery of stock without a purchase order’

  • Receive a Stock Transfer
You can receive a stock transfer from another outlet
    • This is done under the ‘Receive a purchase order’ option.
    • The transfer order can be pulled up by
      • Scanning the barcode on the transfer delivery note
      • Enter the transfer order number into the Scan barcode / Enter search
      • Select the transfer order required by finding it in the ‘transfer from’ section

  • Return Stock
Allows you to check products out of stock to return to a supplier
    • Search for product in a number of ways
      • Scan Barcode
      • Enter part, or all, of the product description
      • Pick from a list of products

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Haven Systems Mobile Point of Sale device (MPOS) provides great flexibility in terms of delivering table service or 'on the go' service when and where you need it. Using full Windows OS Tablet devices makes the solution truly multi-functional. Other applications such as table reservations, nutritional information, digital menu, customer surveys can be used alongside our full version EPOS Software. 

Business Information

Using Haven Systems Business Information tools including Analytics ensures that you have real insight into the day to day activity and trends within your organisation. A full suite of reports can be generated on demand or scheduled for delivery directly to your email inbox. Analytics allows your users to create their own 'view' to produce tailored reports and charts. 

Payment Processing

In today's fast paced environment, fast and efficient Payment Processing is critical which is why we are able to offer a range of products and services including Contactless 'Tap & Go' payment processing that includes both Apple Pay and Android Pay. We understand that PCI compliance is a high priority for you and propose solutions that are fully compliant to the latest PCI Security Standards. 
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